Application of Digital Twins in IoT Platforms

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has left its infancy. It has become one of the core technologies for the digitalization of various domains. With this transition, IoT platforms have to address new requirements: Rollouts into business operations require professional integrations in legacy environments and usability for users without a technical background. Especially in engineering, digital twins are used to represent physical objects, store related information in one place and perform simulations to simplify complex topics. This paper describes an approach for integrating digital twins in IoT platforms, with a focus on improving usability for non-technical users and IoT integrations.

You can find the full paper in embedded world 2022 Conference Proceedings (ISBN 978-3-645-50194-1, WEKA Fachmedien) on page 61-65 or can be downloaded here.

“Application of Digital Twins in IoT Platforms” from embedded world 2022 conference proceedings