Digital Twin for LoRaWAN: IoT from proof-of-concept to rollout

More than 75% of all IoT-Proof of Concepts fail. Nevertheless, almost 90% of the companies still believe that IoT is a game-changing technology. With the step from a proof of concept to rollout, the requirements in IoT change. A new group of people with different needs gets involved: Business users. They are not interested in IoT itself, but rather want their daily problems to be solved. Besides, usability and the integration of IoT in existing IT landscapes are becoming more crucial. Overall, this requires different features and functionalities in IoT platforms in addition to the existing scope. But there is a solution: the digital twin is made to cover these new challenges during IoT rollouts. The keynote from The Things conference 2021 will explain you the different needs of users and how the digital twin for IoT can cover these requirements.